vehicle management

Fleet Management system

The company applies one of the best global fleet management software and the trucks are monitored from the GPS tracking devices in the trucks through a department that works 24 hours a day, it monitors the performance of the trucks and the following is monitored:
Customer requirements for trucks (availability area – tank capacity) which compatible with the customer’s operating plan
Maintenance, licenses and calibration of trucks
Tire Management
Fuel consumption 

Pre-trip inspection

The driver must do the daily inspection of the car before and after the journey

outside inspection

Make sure that the windshield wipers are present and that the wiping fluid is inside the tank.
Make sure the side and back glass are clean.
Make sure the side mirrors are clean, as well as inside the cabinet.
Ensure that the headlights are working efficiently.
Make sure the back lights are on.
Check the tires and make sure there is no damage or corrosion.
Ensure that the air pressure inside the tire is suitable for operating conditions.
Make sure that the windshield wipers are working efficiently and that they are not damaged.
Make sure that the storage areas are well closed.
Ensure that all equipment and tools are properly installed to prevent it from falling during the vehicle’s movement.

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Inside inspection

Make sure the windshield wipers work efficiently
Ensure that the windshield washer fluid is out and working efficiently
The surface above the steering wheel is free of anything that might reflect sunlight or obstruct the vision
The floor of the driving cabin is free of any obstacles that might lead to the failure of the foot or the pedals for acceleration or braking while driving
Clean the windshield from the inside
Ensure that the seat belt is working efficiently
The engine starts and runs efficiently without vibrations or noise (no damage)
Ensure that no warning lamp is illuminated or that there is any indication in a location that indicates
the presence of a hazard due to operation

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Under the hood

Place the operating keys inside your pocket while checking anything under the hood
Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for checking fluids.
Check the engine oil level and the transmission oil
Check engine coolant level
Check the brake fluid level, the turning wheel, and the steering wheel
Check the cooling fan belt and make sure there are no cracks or cuts in it
Determine the sources of the leak before it causes breakdowns

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Before leaving

Make sure that there is no person or anything behind or under the truck and turn around the truck before moving

Maintenance management

Periodic Maintenance
preventive Maintenance
Corrective Maintenance

ELREDA Company has service centers in the company’s branches to provide maintenance service for the company’s fleet in the following locations:
Kafr El-Zayat:  Km 116 Alexandria / Cairo Agricultural Road
Mostorod: Ismailia Cnal Street, opposite to the Petroleum Depot- next to the Panasonic Factory
Suez – The Industrial Zone
 Alexandria – El Mex – Wardian 
The company also provides mobile service centers (cars to cover and repair all malfunctions and emergency maintenance)

Emergency equipment & Team


Company trucks are totally insured, and so is the customer goods to be hauled
ELREDA company is dealing with one of the biggest insurance companies in the middle east  to cover:

Trucks robbery insurance policy
Third party insurance policy
Treasurer’s insurance policy
Omission and error insurance policy
Product insurance policy