Driver management

Every year thousands of people die due to unjustified road accidents, it is true that some accidents cannot be avoided, but among the millions of accidents that occur every year at the world, there is only a small percentage that cannot be avoided, and according to an analysis of the causes of accidents at the world wide it is clear that the percentage of accidents Driver-related not less than 87%. Therefore the company puts top priority on raising the efficiency and the development of the skills of the driver to lead the vehicle in the best way that keeps him and the road users The company is implementing several measures in order to reduce injuries and accidents related to the driver and these procedures:
(Initial Filtration – Defensive driving training course- driver assessment)

Initial Filtration

Drivers are chosen according to the acceptance procedures established by the company to obtain qualified drivers whose qualifications correspond to the tasks required of them and meet the requirements of customers – The company sets several requirements for drivers’ acceptance
For Example:

– Proficiency in reading and writing
– Age is not less than 35 years and not more than 55
– fitness to work 
– Good reputation
– Pass the driving test

Driver assessment / evaluation

According to the Smith system, a driver assessment is carried out after training periodically to find out the points that need improvement and to raise the skills of drivers

Defensive driving training course ( Smith System )

Drivers are trained in the latest training programs( the Smith Defensive Driving Program) by certified trainers from the Smith Institute for Defensive Driving (USA)) Smith system.And is the world’s leading company in the field of training the driver to avoid collision accidents since 1952
The Smith 5 Keys® :-
Aim High in Steering
Get the Big Picture
Keep Your Eyes Moving
Leave Yourself an Out
Make sure They See You

For different emergency scenarios