Journey Management

The company takes many measures to ensure that all of its journeys are safe:-
– Pre-trip planning
– Monitoring the fleet 24H / 7D
– Evaluating the implementation of the journey plan (performance measurement)

-The company carries out road risk assessment to identify high risky areas (black spots) such as (curves – slopes- Dangerous intersections, ……. ) and set control measures to minimize the risk.
– safe rest areas are defined-The itinerary (entry-exit) inside the discharge sites is assessed and also the best time is determined to go to the site, day or night
– Meteorological reports and weather forecasts are followed up on a daily basis to find out the weather conditions that may affect the safety of the trip (rain – fog – dirt …….) and set controls and recommendations for drivers

The journeys are monitored 24 hours / 7 days a week and the daily operation program is followed (the size of the blanks – the time of receipt – the extent of commitment to implement the journey plan

Performance evaluation is one of the success factors of any business plan, because it gives a realistic picture of the performance of the company or different departments towards achieving the set goals, and also makes the company able to take continuous improvement measure

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